Living In the Spectrum:   Autism & Asperger's     (Audio CD)
ISBN#  0976576007

A captivating, artfully produced audio CD that inspires hope, optimism and offers an

easy, practical way to learn about Autism & Asperger's.    

Includes interviews from individuals with Autism and Asperger's, parents, doctors and specialists.  Explores the characteristics of Autism & Asperger Syndrome, the difficulties faced as well as the strengths, gifts and talents that may be present. Other highlights include music &  poetry from those with Autism & Asperger's as well as  tips from a special-ed law attorney regarding school issues. 

 Highly recommended for parents, relatives, teachers, schools, clinicians, employers...anyone wishing to enhance their understanding of Autism & Asperger Syndrome.    Hear samples of the CD Now! 

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$16.95 Audio CD  Length: 55 minutes
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Wow!  An inspired masterpiece! A finer multi-media production exploring and explaining autism and Asperger Syndrome is to my knowledge, simply not available. This is one powerful production. It really is a gem that you will want to listen to many times over and then share with others. (Read the entire review from the Fall 2004 Issue of Autism Spectrum Quarterly magazine at the bottom of this page).
-Liane Holliday Willey, Ed.D.
 Senior Editor of "Autism Spectrum Quarterly" magazine

While listening to this, I found myself going through a myriad of emotions as each person spoke moved me immensely.  I felt like crying, laughing and nodding my head in agreement with the parents, professionals that spoke.  As a parent of a child with AS, who is my inspiration for all I do, I highly recommend every parent, teacher & professional to get a copy of this educational and inspirational CD on ASD.  Living In the Spectrum:  "Autism & Asperger's" is a valuable and necessary tool to better understand ASD!
   -Monica Moshenko
    Host, DisABILITY News & Views Radio Show

Wow!!  If you have a child with autism or Asperger Syndrome, put this CD into the hands of their teacher.  In the space of 1 hour it will have them perceiving your child in a whole new light.  It offers a powerful combination of experts and first person stories that is both touching and eye opening without feeling overwhelming.  An excellent introduction to the Autistic  Spectrum.
-Lisa Simmons/Advocate

Receiving the news of autism can be a heart-wrenching experience. Parents need accurate, factual information about the difficulties experienced by children with autism spectrum disorders. Equally important is maintaining a sense of hope in the face of this diagnosis. “Living In the Spectrum” helps parents balance a realistic understanding of their child’s limitations with the optimism necessary to help their children reach maximum potential.
-Ruth M. Anan, Ph.D., B.C.B.A
William Beaumont Hospital , Center for Human Development * Berkley, Michigan

This audio CD provides a clear description of Asperger syndrome and the differences between this disorder and Autism. The interviews with those on the spectrum, their family members and professionals also provide a great deal of insight into this disorder. Great Job!
-Stephen Edelson, Ph.D
Center for the Study of Autism Salem, Oregon

This CD is such a breath of fresh air because it adds a new dimension to the total picture where “doom and gloom” is often the first emotion parents feel when their child has received a diagnosis of autism. The poetry, the music, and the insights by researchers, parents, and persons with autism all offer accurate information, but more importantly they present the gifts and strengths that may also be present along the spectrum. This CD will be instrumental in helping young parents chart a course toward greater social interaction for their children and greater peace and a sense of fulfillment for themselves.
-Laurence A. Becker, Ph.D
Creative Learning Environments- Austin, Texas

This is an absolutely wonderful production and a real gem of a CD. It's high-time that we portray individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as the brilliant, creative people that they are! One of the best introductions to Autism ever!
-Anne Carpenter
Woman with Autism/Librarian - Autism Society of Michigan

Refreshing and inspiring even to those of us who’ve been living with autism for a long time. This positive approach left me with renewed hope that someday autism might be viewed less often as a disability and more often as human diversity. Great Job! Thanks!
Suzanne Rossi – Parent

A wonderful “tribute” to those that are in the spectrum! This CD is a much needed source of information, as well as encouragement for those in the Autism spectrum and their family and friends. Informative, compassionate and very accurate thanks to the testimonials from medical and legal professionals and from individuals within the autistic spectrum. It gives reassurance to those that are involved with these individuals that all is not lost nor are they alone in their concern and confusion. You even touch on the legal aspects relative to education which gives parents “food for thought” when working with their schools.
Jackie Edgerton - Teacher

What a fabulous resource you have put together! As a parent of a child with autism, I sure wish I had this available 10 years ago when we first received the gut wrenching diagnosis for my son. I absolutely adore the soft words you share from those with autism encompassing both ends of the autism spectrum. Your ability to weave all aspects of autism from the questions many of us share including medical insights is a true gift to any new parent. I will do whatever I can to share this new resource with as many new parents and professionals as I can.
Karen Simmons
CEO & Founder of "Autism Today"/Author: "Little Rainman"

The CD is very insightful into the life of Autism and Asperger’s. It would be a great introduction to people who have little knowledge and a lot of apprehension about interacting with Autism spectrum individuals.

Linda Tyner – Special Ed Paraprofessional


Contents include: Interviews from Dr. Richard Howlin, Ph.D (Center for Learning Disorders, Michigan), Dr. Sally Burton Hoyle (Autism Society of Michigan) , Dr. Michael Merzenich (Neuroscience Solutions, California), Dr. Laurence A. Becker (Creative Learning Environments, Texas), Jennifer Bollero (Special Ed Law Attorney),

Music from Tony DeBlois (musical Savant who has autism),

Poetry from Brian Henson (adult with Asperger Syndrome), Interviews & features with parents and people who have Autism & Asperger's.


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Review from "Autism Spectrum Quarterly" magazine

(Fall 2004 Issue)


Living In the Spectrum:  Autism & Asperger’s  - Audio CD

ISBN#  0976576007 

Reviewed by: 

Liane Holliday Willey, Ed.D.

Senior Editor of “Autism Spectrum Quarterly” magazine


Wow!  The audio CD, "Living In the Spectrum:  Autism and Asperger's", is an inspired masterpiece! A finer multi-media productions exploring and explaining autism and Asperger Syndrome is, to my knowledge, simply not available.  The material presented in this 55-minute CD is backed up by research and certain in its message, but that is not what makes “Living in the Spectrum” shine so brightly.  Many resources provide us with solid, supported information, and a clear message.  What makes “Living in the Spectrum” so special is the fact that it is real and genuine; gentle but pointed; at once uncomplicated; but always profound and meaningful. More specifically, it is a heartfelt and lyrical production mixed with graceful melodies; poignant poetry; playful song; and welcome testimonials from both experts in the field and people on the spectrum.  The entire event is kept seamlessly flowing by a pleasant-sounding narrator.  In short, this is one powerful production.


Oddly enough, given that I really like this CD, I cannot admit to feeling cheerful throughout the 55 minutes of  listening .  It was difficult to hear about the tough stuff that so often goes hand-in-hand with life on the spectrum.  It was hard to hear that it will be difficult for people affected by autism or Asperger Syndrome to make friends; to learn how the world works; to deal with sensory explosions; and even to have to learn how to communicate with loved ones.  No one wants to think about anyone he or she knows having to face such difficulties, since, most assuredly, they are heartrending to witness.  But thankfully, “Living in the Spectrum” moves us out of the blues and toward a place of optimism and hope.  And in so doing, it helps us to realize that only when we face the tough stuff straight on, can we begin to build proper interventions and the best kinds of supports for people on the spectrum.


At times as I listened, tears fell down my cheeks, sometimes because my soul was sad, but other times because I was overjoyed to hear stories about the many good things that we with autism or Asperger Syndrome have within us and within our reach.  It was extra special to hear personally from people who have Asperger Syndrome.  Their personal accounts of both their difficulties and also their points of pride were wonderful!


It is obvious that careful attention went into the making of this CD.  The quality of the production is truly admirable.  The wealth of information and insight is well worth hearing.  Do the wise thing and add “Living in the Spectrum” to your ASD Library.  It really is a gem that you will want to listen to many times over and then share with others.


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